It’s All About Perspective

So my schedule has been insane lately with school and work and well just everything and when I’m super stressed I tend to: 1. lay on the couch and watch bad tv all day to forget about responsibilities, and 2. browse pinterest for hours to procrastinate in actually taking part in all of the things that should have been done two days ago. However, I actually think procrastination on pinterest has an upside believe it or not. The quotes! Sometimes after a bad day reading a quote about pulling through is all you need. Or maybe you’re feeling unmotivated to work harder? Read a quote about someone pushing themselves and suddenly you feel like you could take on the world. What is it about a good quote that seems to momentarily invigorate us? How can one little sentence make an immediate change in ones life? 

While procrastinating yesterday found a quote that immediately stuck with me. ” If you want to feel rich, count all the gifts you have money didn’t buy.” Now I don’t need to point out the fact that we live in a material world. Everyone knows what I mean when I say we love things. Whether it be the new iPhone or iPad, or the designer sunglasses you’ve finally saved up enough to buy, we can never have enough. Now I’m not saying its wrong to want things or wrong to have things! What I’m saying is even with all the amazing things we own are we actually happy? Do the material things we have actually fill the void inside? Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

This quote made me truly think twice about all of the things I take for granted. I take for granted what an amazing family I have and all the things they do for me. I take for granted what it means to truly have a best friend and someone who you trust unconditionally with all of your life’s trials and problems. I take for granted the amazing opportunity I was given to be able to go to college and expand my horizons. I mean the list could go on and on! Now that I’ve shared a few things that I take for granted, I urge you to stop and take a few minutes to think about things that help fill your void. What would you truly not be able to live without? Anything you put down I guarantee money didn’t buy.


P.S. I was so inspired I decided to make a watercolor and ink print to hang in my room! Let me know what you think 🙂



Downton Abbey Takes Over

If there is ever a show that has taken over my life, Downton Abbey is it. Two weekends ago I woke up at 5am Saturday morning and tossed and turned for 30 mins until I decided to give up and turn the tv on. Of course there is zero good tv on at 5am so I immediately clicked the Netflix button and browsed for a few minutes until I found Downton Abbey. Now I had heard some good things about the show but other than hearing it was ‘a great show’ I knew nothing. Since I had nothing better to do and was not about to get out of bed at 5 I started Season 1 Episode 1.


From that moment on an OBSESSION has ensued. Any spare time I can squeeze into my day has been filled with Downton. Sometimes at night I even dream I’m one of them, gliding through the emaculate hallways with my floor length gowns. I mean not only is the story line interesting, but what about the costumes! WOW. As a girl who wears t-shirts and nike shorts as much as possible, the thought of wearing a gown every single day kind of blows my mind. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing my boyfriend in a tux everyday ;).

So instead of my saturday full of homework, chores and working out, this girl stayed on the couch and watching almost the entire season of Downton. Pathetic you say? Clearly you haven’t watched the show. I’m telling you ladies (and gents for that matter), don’t start this show unless you’re readty to become an addict. Also, if anyone else out there has become as addicted as I have, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the show. How great is Beth McGovern? Probably my fav character for sure. I’m actually trying to teach myself how to deliver a polite insult in a birtish accent now.

Eat Like a Caveman

Ok so all I’ve been hearing about lately is the Paleo diet and how awesome it is. I’m not the only one right? A girl I work with is on it and today she brought in Paleo cupcakes which, to my surprise were absolutely DELICIOUS. I literally couldn’t believe that something made without sugar or regular cake mix could be so yummy. So after eating my entire cupcake we got to talking about what being Paleo was all about. 

For those of you that haven’t heard about the Paleo diet, it basically is a reversion back to what cavemen ate and nothing else. Aka no refined sugar, dairy, legumes or grains. Sounds pretty scary if you ask me. I’m not sure if I could live without cheese….. Anyway basically what you eat on this diet is meat, fish, poultry, fruits, and veggies. 

So, even though my co-worker seems to be gliding through this Paleo diet with ease, I’m not quiet convinced I could live in a world with absolutely no grains or dairy…. Anyone else thinking the same? Can you get enough nutrients? Do you have enough energy to still work out? Does the thing even make you lose weight? Let me know what you guys think, or chime in with any personal experience. I’m intrigued. 


ps: here is the recipe for the cupcakes if anyone is interested!

Birthday Chocolate Cupcakes

So I’m trying something new…

So I know a bazillion people have blogs. Blogs about this, blogs about that, etc…. Most blogs I’ve happened upon normally have a specific focus like fitness, or recipies, or new fashion trends. But where are the blogs just about life? I’m starting this blog to record trials and tribulations of an every day college student. Not just fitness tips, or recipies, or DIY, but ALL of it all at once (aka like in real life)! I know some days might not be the most interesting… but hey, who knows? I think women have a lot more in common than we even realize and this is why I’m starting this blog. To connect with other women and spread the things I love and learn about the things you love.

Here’s to not being just another blog,



Here’s me! (I’m on the left) 🙂